Cybersecurity assessment pursuant to law (PBK)

In January 2015, a new act on cybersecurity as well as associated regulations entered into force. This act imposes new obligations on specific organisations and also authorities processing important information or maintaining communication systems and defines a unified procedure in dealing with security issues. If you are not sure what the new act means for you, feel free to contact us.

  • We will assess if and to what extent you will be concerned by the new legislation.
  • We will prepare an overview of your cybersecurity to keep you in the picture.
  • We will help you arrange your security to comply with the relevant legislation.
  • We will propose measures to remove discovered deficiencies and also implement these measures.

Dealing with cybersecurity is also essential for others  

The obligations arising from the Act and/or the Regulation apply to specific legal entities, bodies and also sole traders, however, this does not mean that other entities do not need to protect their information and communication systems against increasing cyber threats.

Various companies dealing with cybersecurity issues have published alarming information based on a worldwide research in 2013. For instance, Symantec Corporation claims that data on more than 10 million persons have been stolen in 8 so called ‟mega leaks‟, out of total 253 data leaks worldwide.

Advantages of the PKB solution

PKB includes basic analysis to assess company´s level of cybersecurity and compare it with prepared legislation in this area.

The implementation includes several simple steps:

  • Short, controlled interviews with specific staff members.
  • Inspection of selected departments
  • Inspection of the documentation
  • Processing results
  • Final workshop with presentation of the results

The solution is adaptive, swift and simple

  • Adjustment in accordance with specific conditions of the particular company (office).
  • The results quickly to obtain.
  • Minimum burden on the officers involved.
  • Clearly arranged results in graphics.
  • Recommendations to remove noncompliance with the Act and the Regulation.

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