Foundation T-SOFT Eternity

The Foundation was established by the T-SOFT company on January 1, 2010. In its few years of existence, we have produced five CDs with fairy tales for children, six children’s books and six interdisciplinary medical publications with a focus on sports.

We have the vision to invent and implement projects that would otherwise not have been realized…

  • We publish children’s books and children’s books on tape.
  • We award prizes and support major research efforts.
  • We provide support to disabled athletes.

Governing Board

Chairman of the Board: Ing. Michal Vaněček, Ph.D., MBA
1st Deputy Chairman: Ing. Jaroslav Pejčoch
2nd Deputy Chairwoman: RNDr. Ivana Vaněčková, CSc.
Without the selfless help it would not work Thanks to all who help us

Main donors