Interactive training based on current examples of threats shows what any standard IT user can do for its cyber security. All workshop attendees will be involved in active discussion, his/her opinions and experience with cybersecurity issues will be heard. The workshop is intended for private entrepreneurs, owners of companies but also public administration bodies and schools.


Czech people and cybersecurity

  • 74 % of the people feel threatened by cybercrime
  • 11 % of the people have experienced cyberbullying
  • 72 % of the people installed malware in their computers
  • 1 % of the Czech people have lost their digital identity


Topics of the cybersecurity workshop

  • Main threats for security of your data
  • Which software can cause the greatest harm to your organisation
  • How to make a smart mobile secure
  • Protecting oneself from becoming victim of social engineering
  • General security policies
  • Secured presence on Facebook

Kybernetický workshop


Cybersecurity workshop

Two interactive courses can be organised at one training day. Maximum number of workshop attendees is 25.  Higher number of persons does not allow paying individual attention to all attendee.

Workshop outputs

  • Certificate of completion
  • Ten rules of security
  • Final analysis of the level of knowledge of the attendees
  • Recommendations to the organisation by the trainer

As the case may be, the workshop can be followed by IT analysis to discover risks and threats existing in your IT system.

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