eGRANT – administration of grants and subsidies

Swift and efficient administration of the entire lifecycle of a subsidy

The municipalities, cities and regions offer subsidy programmes to support local and regional  development to the citizens.  However, drawing on the funds means administrative burden in relevant authorities (receiving and processing applications, multi-stage approval processes, keeping records on spent funds, preparation of statistics and more). Our software has been developed to provide an efficient electronic tool for simplification  of all these processes.

eGRANT will enable:

  • filing application forms via municipal portals
  • connection with the file management service
  • approval, evaluation and inspection
  • statistics
  • accounting applications and monitoring deadlines
  • support of the ‟Subsidy and Grant Policy 2016+“

Advanced subsidy processing

eGRANT is based on electronic communication between the applicant and the authority. Filed applications will have e-signatures. The application environment is simple and intuitive.


Advantages for the applicants:

  • fully electronic application filing process
  • interactive forms for individual subsidy programmes
  • information on receiving the application by the municipality
  • all information available in one spot
  • updated information on processing of the application on municipal web pages


Advantages for the officers:

  • clear specification of the tasks to be performed by individual officers
  • interconnection with other agendas
  • notification of users during the entire application approval process
  • generation of contracts and protocols using sample documents



S každým klientem pracujeme individuálně:

  • software přizpůsobíme potřebám úřadu
  • zohledníme nastavení procesů
  • připravíme formuláře na míru
  • upravíme design
  • zajistíme školení
  • poskytujeme podporu

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